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Max Mooring Rope

Max Mooring Rope


  • Bouy, Floating pier, Water solar power plant, Yacht, Silt protector, Fish farm, etc.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Float is kept stable even in the difference between tides of the sea
  • The floating body of the water-based photovoltaic complex receives maximum solar radiation and produces maximum power
  • Guided ship satety navigation with accurate route marking since floating body does not deviate from the fixed position
  • Due to the wlasticity of mooring ropes, it prevents rope cutting in the event of strong waves of typhoons to minimize damage.

Product composition

  • Consist of outer rubber on the inner core elastic rubber (arimid)knitting


  • Overall diameter: 25mm diameter, 30mm diameter(other sizes can be made to order depending on the characteristics of the float)

Test characteristics of the product

  • Rubber property: hardness over 60, elongation over 300, Tensile Strength Over 100kgf/㎠
  • FIBER:Aramid 10,000 Denier or more
  • Elastic mooring rope
  • Elongation rate:130%(2.3 times longer than the original length)
  • Tensile Strength:15MPa
  • Breaking load:24,500N(2 times more than Japanese competitors)
  • Korea Patent:Exclusive licence 10-118072(2012.9.3)
  • Patent application 10-2020-0012469(Insert elastic rope into Stainless Mesh)

Comparison of design specifications of elastic mooring ropes (international)

Corporate name IPLUSONE CO.,LTD. A B Notes
Producing country Korea Japan Sweden  
Product name Max mooring rope MT SF  
Rope Diameter 30m/m 24m/m 18mm,24mm,32mm  
Quality of the Rubber CR/EPDM Highly elastic rubber unknown  
Internal fiber Aramid fiber Aramid fiber unknown  
Shear strength 20,000N
(Test results 24,500N)
(Test results 10,500N)
Elongation percentage 100%(Test results 130%) 100%(Test results 123%) 100%(Company standard 110%)  
Shear Strength Applied to Design 16,000N 7,000N 7,000N  
Elongation rate Applied to Design 80% 80% 80%  
Initial mooring tension value LWL:20%
Initial 30%  
Maximum number of strands/tons 1strand/2ton~10strand/20ton 1strand/1ton~10strand/10ton strand/2ton ~10strand/20ton
Concrete block Weight 1strand/2ton 1strand/1ton 1strand/1ton  
Length 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m,
10m, Other custom-made
1m~10m 1m~10m  
Test Report KOMERI DNV·GL No test report  

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