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Unmanned lighthouse Safety power control system

Unmanned lighthouse Safety power control system (ALL-IN-ONE)

  • [ Use ]
    Power control system for unmanned marine AtoN (lighthouse, light beacon)
  • [ Characteristics and advantages ]
    - Equipped with Ultra Power Automatic Voltage Regulator to charge while it’s cloudy or raining
    - Equipped with Surge Protective Device and continuous ground
    resistance checking function to protect power and connected equipment against lightning strikes
    - Battery charge indicator to ensure replacement of the battery at an appropriate time, replace distilled water and enable other maintenance work to avoid lighthouse outage incidents
    - Display solar cell panel’s charge status, voltage current, battery voltage, and current.
    - Power input-output control to charge input, battery output, lantern load short-circuit protection and for maintenance
    - Ability to confirm the system’s normal operation range of battery voltage, current, solar battery voltage, current indicator.
    - Use Battery Terminal Connecting Template to ensure battery storage space, easy, and safe battery connection
    - Install maintenance equipment storage that stores maintenance tools, battery, and others (Option)
    - Remote monitoring functionality to monitor various indicators via PC or smart phone
    - Modular design for easy transportation
    - Ability to modify and redesign to the scene that satisfies the lighthouse maintenance crew
    - Operate for long time without breaking down; maintaining reliability
    ※ Applied for New Technology patent: Unmanned lighthouse safety power control system (10-2017-0102382, 2017.8.11)
  • [ Main Functionality ]
    - Charge and discharge limit current: 5A/10A/20A/25A/30A firmware design (can be custom ordered)
    - Use buck and boost Converter with maximum Power Point Tracking
    - Solar Charging Voltage Range : 6~30V
    - Overcharge Voltage : 15V (Adjustable)
    - Floating Charge Voltage : 13.5V (Adjustable)
    - Discharge Threshold Voltage : 10.5V (Adjustable)
    - Load Disconnect Voltage : 11.4V (Adjustable)
    - Load Reconnect Voltage : 12.6V (Adjustable)
    - Apply Module Control Unit MPPT
    - Status Indicator: LCD Panel digital method
    - Communication module: Bluetooth, CDMA module etc.
    - Lightning Arrester: 20kA applicable as required